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The Mustang District Merit Badge Fair

The Mustang district holds an annual merit badge fair every year at Fair Haven United Methodist Church located at 1330 Gessner Drive in Houston, Texas. This year, on April 27, I was able to attend two workshops.  There was lunch ticket and lots of snacks. For lunch they had turkey sandwiches, chips and cookie plus drinks. You also could have gotten some water or tea. At the entree way you could also have some donuts for breakfast.


The merit badge fair was really helpful because in must cases you were able to earn the badges in one day instead of working for months. I quicken learned that some badges have merit badge prerequisites that need to be meet prior to taking the merit badge workshop.  Also, the classes aren’t very long. You will enjoy it because all there was a lot of interested material cover  and the instructor make learning fun.

There was an excellent selection of classes to choice from such as automotive maintenance, citizenship in the community, communications, crime prevention, electronics, family life, home repair, law, music, personal management, photography and plumbing. I took law and automotive maintenance.

I really had lots of fun and would highly recommend it to other scouts.

Writen by Ryan X. Webb
Boy Scout

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