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The Greatest Show on Earth...The Scout Fair

This spring I had a chance to attend the scout fair. Scouts from more than 16 counties were there showcasing their Scouting skills. The fair was held on April 13th and it was a beautiful sunny day. I had lots of fun that day. First my troop had to go on a trip to the Reliant Stadium where the fair was being hosted. It took an hour to get there but in the mean time we just talked.

When we arrived we saw all sorts of stuff like rubber band shooting, checkers, chess, bowling, hockey, racing in wheel chairs, garbage shooting, and slime making, and lots more. Of course we didn’t do all of it. Then we went outside where we saw more things to do. There was an obstacle course, bug juice tasting, chill eat, dunking tank, and lots and lots more.

Now let me tell you what I did. I did the rubber band shooting, bowling, hokey, racing in wheel chairs, and garbage shooting, drinking bug juice, eating chilly, going on an obstacle course and the dunking tank Then I wanted to have pizza but my Cub Scout Master said no. “You are going to eat when we leave”, he said.


After leaving the scout fair we went to sonic where everybody eat hamburgers. Back in the van, we told some more jokes. Then we arrived at the church again where our parents met us.
And that was our trip to the Greatest Show on Earth – the Scout Fair.

Written by Alex Kal-El Webb
a scout with pack 50






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